All people aged 18 who are EU citizens and have passport or identity card valid till the end of their stay in UK.

You can apply from 02.10.2017 until 28.02.2018.

There are two ways:

  1. You can send your documents by post or courier to our address. The set of documents should include:
    • One passport photo
    • Application form - you can download it from our website.
    • Detailed inquiry for applicants, who have been in UK through YSP - you can download it from our website. In order to receive a placement, you must fill the inquiry in details, because all the applicants who have already been in UK do not come for an interview.
  2. You can come in our offices in Sofia ,Varna, Craiova or Chisinau and you have to bring:
    • One passport photo
    • Application form - you will receive it in our offices
    • Detailed inquiry for applicants, who have been in UK through YSP - you will receive it in our offices. In order to receive a placement, you must fill the inquiry in details, because all the applicants who have already been in UK do not come for an interview.

The set of documents is added to our database and given an incoming number. Using this number we set the date for interview for each applicant. The interview is held in our offices in Sofia ,Varna, Craiova or Chisinau.

The first brigades start in January 2018

No, there is not. Information, applying and interview are free of charge.

The passport is not obligatory. The applicants can travel only with identity card.

From 01 October 2016 the minimum rate of pay for agricultural work in UK is 7.05 pounds per hour.For workers aged 25 and over the minimum payment is 7.50 pounds per hour.

All participants pay about 10 % tax on their gross earnings once their placement begins. If they have earnings up to 11 500 pounds, this tax is 100 % refundable. This is PAYE tax. Participants also pay NI tax. It is equivalent to “Social and Health Insurance” in Bulgaria. It is 12 % over 157 pounds earnings per week. You cannot refund it but you can recognize it after the brigade here in Bulgaria.

We can give you information about licensed company that can assist you when you return in Bulgaria.

You need your passport or identity card.

Yes, you can in case you have well-founded reason. To change the date you need to call at our office, to tell your incoming number and the new date for your interview.

It is different for every participant and is written in the job offer.

In case you decide to break your contract for no reason, you will lose your right to take part in the programmes in the future.

The first thing you have to do is to call in our office and explain your complaint to us. We are the people who will understand your problem and will give you the right advice. Do it yourself because you are the people who can give the answers to all of our questions and can give us the necessary information. Do not use your parents or acquaintances as your mediators.

If you have paid your health insurance, it is advisable to have the European Health Insurance Card. You can visit any office of DSK Bank where the issuing of the card is free of charge.

To recognize your NI tax in Bulgaria you need to have the document U1. It is issued in the UK and we can give you information about licensed company that can assist you. You need to have your P45 and your last pay slip when you come to our offices.

We will give you optional insurance valid for your work placement.

1. Passport or identity card 2. Pocket money 3. Medical certificate - optional 4. Plane or bus ticket 5. Information about the employer you are going to work for 6. Two passport photos 7. Medical insurance - optional 8. Tax and salary information 9. Health and Safety Information 10. YSP business card 11. Driving license, if you are going to work as a driver in UK 12. European Health Insurance Card (if you have)

You participate automatically for the next months. Your application is valid until the end of August 2018

If you travel by plane you will receive this information at the Health and Safety Course. It depends on the airlines you are going to travel with. Regular airlines allow up to 23 kg checked luggage and up to 10 kg hand luggage.

It is allowed to take essential medicines that are prescribed to you and is necessary to take. It is not recommended to take food that is not ready-packed.

All of our participants have plane ticket reservation and use preferential price for it. The aim of this is all participants for one employer to travel together. Every one of them can choose the way he/she wants to travel. In case he/she does not travel with the other participants, he/she must be sure to arrive for work on the appointed day without being late. The way that he/she should travel and the telephones of the employer are written in the information about the employer and every one of the participants knows these details before leaving for UK.

Every approved applicant, before accepting the job offer, receives all the information about the living conditions, his work period, the type of work, the rates of pay, the group of people he is going to travel with, how much he is going to pay for accommodation, the address of the employer, etc. This information can be received only when the applicant fills in the documents.

How you are going to work and how you are going to be paid is determined by the employer, the type of work and the season. Usually the participants work on piece work, which means that the faster you manage with the work, the more you are paid. If you work on time work, the rate is fixed and during 2016/17 is 7.05 pounds per hour.For workers aged 25 and over the minimum payment is 7.50 pounds per hour.

At the end of every week you receive a pay-slip where are written the hours you have worked, the money you have earned and the deductions for tax and accommodation for this week. This money is sent to your bank account. You have debit card. The employer assists you to open the account at the time of your arrival. There are a few employers who pay at the end of each month. Having a bank account avoids the payments in cash and protects from stealing.

Yes, you do. In order to transfer the money you earned in UK, it is necessary to open your own bank account in GBP in Bulgaria. It is recommendatory and it is not obligatory. It is done for your safety.

This information can be found in the information about your employer and you will know it, before leaving for UK.

You need to have warm working clothes, waterproof, Wellingtons .We advise you to have your own sleeping bag, pillow and sheets.

The employer can deduct the following fees: accommodation, electricity, gas, transport, damage deposit . These fees are different for the different employers and will be written down in the information about the employer. They are deducted from your wages and are listed on your pay-slip.

The interviews are held in our office by representatives of our company. They are from 9:00 till 12:30 every day from Monday till Friday. It is a kind of acquaintance at which every applicant has to present himself: his personal motivation for participation in the programme, the level of the English language, future plans, any other certificates-driving license, English courses, agricultural courses. We discuss the regularity of the set of documents. The applicant points the month he is applying for and the person he is applying with-brother, sister, friends. The interview is oral and is free of charge. If you have any preferences about the type of work or the crop that you are going to pick, you can mention them at the interview. It is not obligatory to speak English, but for certain jobs, you need to have certain level of English.

Every working placement that comes from UK has special requirements to the applicants, for example: the level of the English language; driving license with C or D categories for the boys etc. When the placements for the month you are applying for arrive and you suit all the requirements stated, and you have passed successfully your interview you receive a call with a job offer that includes detailed information about your stay in UK. You have the right to accept or to refuse the offer .If you are not approved for the month you are applying for , you automatically continue your participation for the following months. If the participant is approved and is the appropriate one for the job offer he can receive a call earlier or later than the pointed month. At the interview you can receive information, when you can expect a call with a job offer.

  • Get valuable work experience in UK
  • Develop new skills
  • Improve your English and learn more about British life
  • Meet and get to know other people from different countries
  • Build up your character and personality-independence, diligence, self-dependence, discipline, tolerance 
  • Chance to visit UK and the near situated countries
  • Earn money

Yes, you do. All applicants, including these who expect an invitation have to apply in time. You can visit Procedures to see what documents are needed.

You have to apply in one of our offices-Sofia,Varna, Craiova and Chisinau. You will receive incoming number and interview date. We will write down your preferences at the interview.

You can call in our offices and change the period you are applying for, the person you want to go with, driving categories, telephone number, preferences about the type of work, etc.

If you have more questions, please contact us +359 2 9744705

We truly care about our clients.