The new campaign for season 2018 started on 02.10.2017

We would like to draw to the attention of all applicants that only people who have the full set of documents, together with detailed application form and inquiry and who applied in time, will be registered.

YSP works hard to deliver a high level of customer service. If for any reason you are unhappy with the service you have received please let us know. If you wish to make formal complaint then this should be made in writing to, If after this you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint then please write to Ministry of Labour in Bulgaria or Concordia/ GLA in UK.

1. Applying

Fill in the application form allong with one passport photo.

2. Interview

You come for your interview on the fixed date. You have to have your passport or identity card. The interview is free of charge and is held in our head offices or in the local offices in the country.

3. Job Offer

If you are approved, you receive a call and we give you all the information about the job offer, the living conditions, the work period, the type of work, the group of participants you are going to travel with.

4. Filling in the documents

If the participant likes the offer and agrees to take part in the programme, he has to come to our office and to fill in the documents. The applicant must have:

  • passport or identity card
  • passport photo
  • the fees are optional

5. Medical Form

It is advisable to pass medical examination and psychological test before leaving for UK so you can receive information about your state of health. It is optional for the applicants.

6. Plane Ticket

Buying one-way or round-trip plane ticket. We can assist you, if you need help.

7. Health and Safety Course

Health and Safety Course is held in our office. You receive last instructions about your flight and your stay in UK, as well as all the documents that you need.

8. Departure

We will see you off at the airport and will answer all of your final questions.